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McCarthy celebrates DDT ban

Gina McCarthy celebrates the 43rd anniversary of the DDT ban with the number of eagles saved, and, of course, doesn’t mention of lives lost. 

ACSH comments on Driessen’s DDT essay

We at JunkScience emphatically agree–DDT is a life saver. Ruckleshaus and the enviros are killers. Children are particularly at risk from malaria and malarial death is horrific. Shame on these pathetic fanatics.

Driessen on the deceptions that are the DDT bans–shame on the enviros and the EPA, led by Ruckleshaus

I know, the advocates are into another sequence of lying. However, Driessen exposes their nonsense.

Could enviros kill more birds than DDT–you bet

The wind scam is really stupid. Wind turbines are inefficient and costly and they don’t produce renewable energy when you look at their costs and the back up energy from fossil fuel plants required to deal wiht variability.

Let’s revisit the crime of Ruckelshaus–banning DDT

The EPA started off bad and it has gotten worse.

DDT and bedbugs

Well here is another story. Josh Bloom is a toxicology expert on pesticides and herbicides, splains.

The fight against the fight against DDT is slowly going mainstream

from Marketwatch: ” … The Ebola virus has infected about 1,800 people, more than half of whom have died, many of them in Africa. Global attention is focused on the spread of the horrific disease, which has no known cure. … Continue reading

Loathsome DDT opponents raise their ugly heads

Here at we are DDT advocates, to save the millions of victims of malaria that die or suffer from the terrible disease because of anxious morons in the 1st world.

DDT Good, Enviros Bad

Milloy has always had a terrible sore about the DDT Rachel Carson story.

Are you Kiddin me–DDT causes Alzheimer’s?

If it wasn’t so pathetic, and so mendacious, this would be a good joke.

Blame DDT exposure…3 generations ago for your weight

The latest scare claims that exposure to DDT several generations ago is making people fatter today. The explanation sounds all “sciency” and impressive, but junkscience often does.

California condor egg shell thinning blamed on DDT — even though no significant correlation found

The AP reports:

George Moonbat: ‘Neonicotinoids are the new DDT killing the natural world’

Oh… Moonbat… DDT only ever hurt the disease-bearing lice and mosquitos…. Silent Spring is total… what’s the proper word for you… oh, yes… rubbish.

DDT genocide instigator William Ruckelshaus urges GOP to surrender on climate

William Ruckelshaus’ anti-science DDT ban helped lead to the deaths of tens of millions in Africa — now he wants to do the same via energy bans.

House GOP hit federal scientist for failing to distinguish personal opinion from Obama policy in DDT article

Georgia Congressman Paul Broun writes to NIH director Francis Collins:

Malaria increased 6-fold in South Africa when it stopped using DDT

Premium Times reports:

Africa votes to adopt DDT to fight malaria

Premium Times reports:

Michael Mann now a DDT expert; Defends indefensible Rachel Carson — Rachel lied, millions died (and are still dying)

Read “100 Things You Should Know About DDT”.

Maryland wind farm projected to kill more bald eagles than DDT

Maybe EPA will ban the wind farm? Where’s Bill Ruckelshaus?

DDT causes type 2 diabetes?

In poor Granadians, decades after the pesticide was banned?