Sneaky: EPA restores Gleick grants to Grant Awards Database

It appears our FOIA request did the trick.

The EPA grants to Peter Gleick’s Pacific Institute appear to have been restored sometime Friday before 10pm. We’ll have more on the FOIA angle Monday.

Below is the image of the restored entry for the Pacific Institute from the list of EPA grants to nonprofits.

Click for our post (and links) when the grants went AWOL.

Here are the four restored individual grants that make up the $468,375. Note that their URLs differ from the original URLs we first reported last Wednesday.

8 thoughts on “Sneaky: EPA restores Gleick grants to Grant Awards Database”

  1. IT would have an email trail which would definitely be stored (IT guys are usually fairly thorough when it comes to archiving their emails). A FOIA request directly targeting their email correspondence would probably shed light on which brain dead manager ordered the deletion of info in the DB.

  2. I’m sure somebody in ‘Legal’, after they saw/heard what was going on (FOIA requests *always* go to Legal first! That’s standard operating procedure for the PIO), brought it to their attention that deleting this information is a criminal act.
    They probably had to go to the IT department and restore the last database back-up made before the data was deleted. Now IT is p*ss*d at the executives as well.

  3. Excellent work!

    Can I suggest a follow-up FOIA regarding any internal emails, memoranda or notes of discussion regarding the (1) the grants being delisted from the website; (2) the grants being restored to the website; and (3) any concerns or issues within the EPA regarding Gleick’s admission of wire fraud and identity theft. You might also look to see if they have had any communication with the Pacific Institute on this matter.

  4. After the first posting on this I reported the links as broken through the EPA site and received this incident number:

    “Thank you for contacting the EPA Call Center. Incident #345810 has been created for your service request. ”

    No additional communication since then (Thu, February 23, 2012 11:14:43 AM Pacific).

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