5 thoughts on “NYTimes: DDT suggested as weapon against Zika”

  1. “Some rationalization will be used for why it hasn’t been used to save millions of Africans.”

    Since the suffering of Africans has been well-known for years, they do not even bother to rationalize it. Remember, our President and secretary of state’s main objective in African foreign policy was to promote abortions–to the outrage of the African people.

    So our President and friends have taught them a lesson. We’ll kill you by disease and keep your population down one way or another.

  2. As written it sounds almost even-handed; it is NOT, don’t fall for it. To those who regularly read the NYT, the first paragraph actually reads mentally as follows:

    “Some fanatics are actually considering bringing back DDT, in spite of the fact that our earliest Scriptures clearly label it as ‘The Devil’s Elixir’. Do you even believe this #$%^!? Here’s what some of them are saying out loud, and in polite company, no less….”

    The glitterati will NEVER sanction the widespread health of the lower classes, ESPECIALLY when doing so undermines their power & authority.

  3. I have always said that when American children start dying in great numbers from mosquito borne diseases we will restart using DDT, even over the objections of environmentalists. Some rationalization will be used for why it hasn’t been used to save millions of Africans.

  4. This is the very first thing that I thought when I heard Zika was mosquito-borne…blanket these countries in DDT until the mosquitoes are eradicated.

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