Did You Hear? Good News from Cancer Alley

By Michael Gough
October 15, 1997, Cato Daily

Everyone knows that cancer rates are sky-high along the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. How could it be otherwise? Louisiana is one of the three states with the most “industrial toxic emissions.” Chemical refineries line the banks of the river that, loaded with the effluent of the farms and factories of the Midwest in addition to whatever it picks up in Louisiana, is the source of New Orleans’s drinking water. No wonder the area’s called “cancer alley.” Continue reading Did You Hear? Good News from Cancer Alley

Junk Science: It's The Law

by Steven Milloy and Michael Gough
August 25, 1997, Investor’s Business Daily

Bad science comes. Bad science goes. That’s the great thing about science. It’s only as permanent as it is sound. But what happens when bad science becomes law? Continue reading Junk Science: It's The Law