Global justice activist: ‘Why hasn’t the hacker been caught?’

And “why has so little been invested in catching him?”

Those are questions asked by “global justice activist” (whatever that is) Anuradha Vittachi in her Huffington Post article, “Climategate Hacker Scores Own Goal.”

Ranting on, she writes,

In the past year, says Richard Black, the Norfolk Police have spent the grand sum of £5,649.09 on this investigation. It is reminiscent of the feeble, foot-dragging police investigation into the phone hacking allegations against the News of the World.

The police should take heed of the massive swing in public mood, from shrugs to fury, when people realized that phone-hacking hadn’t just bothered a few publicity-hungry celebrities but had caused grievous pain to innocent families like the Dowlers. They should try counting the number of innocent families that have been hurt by the climategate hacker.

UEA’s climate scientists have been hounded and falsely vilified because of the hacker’s lack of understanding of basic scientific methods. Millions of decent people struggling to come to terms with climate change have been misled by his half-baked information. Most grievously of all, the billions of families who scrape by on less than $2 a day have had their lives put further at risk.

As to the UEA scientists being “hounded falsely villifed”, we suggest she actually tip-toe through some of the Climategate 2.0 e-mails. We conveniently collected them for her here.

As to the “innocent families that have been hurt by the climategate hacker”, well there aren’t any — in fact, the hacker has helped stop the anti-development greens from further oppressing the world’s poor.

As to the hacker — whoever he or she may be — thank you.

2 thoughts on “Global justice activist: ‘Why hasn’t the hacker been caught?’”

  1. I suspect that Great Britain has the same conspiracy laws as the US. Ie, colluding to commit a crime is a felony, And there is pretty clear evidence that Jones et all colluded to avoid the FOIA. So the real question is, why hasn’t any investigation been done into that criminal conspiracy?

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