Gnomeo and Juliet

JunkScience readers are familiar with our efforts to spotlight the ongoing bias and conflict-of-interest of Washington Post reporter Juliet Eilperin. Here’s a video to help understand the controversy.

Click here for the background story on Eilperin and her marriage to Center for American Progress climate alarmist Andrew Light.

Below is a just-posted YouTube video of Light droning on about COP-17. It’s not exciting but you can see him in “action”.

4 thoughts on “Gnomeo and Juliet”

  1. The goal is ‘redistribution of wealth’ – the PC term for ‘rob from the rich and keep it.’ The greedy little dictators and their toadies think they can get more from the rich (= industrially developed) nations by extortion than they could by simply bleeding their own impoverished people dry. “Climate change” is just the excuse. The motivator for the rich countries to give up all that wealth is guilt.
    “Wealth is not what you *have* but rather what you *create.*”

  2. Tom,
    Recent data from a new Japanese satellite shows that developing nations emit more CO2 than developed nations. Burning dung and charcoal is a nasty business.

  3. Don’t understand … the goal is to get $100 billion / year to help 3rd world countries with climate change? Why give undeveloped countries that money? … how much climate change pollutants do those countries produce?

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