Browner: Cap-and-trade undone by Obamacare

We’re not happy about Obamacare, but we’ll take that trade.

In a Center for American Progress podcast, former Obama environment and energy czarina Carol Browner explained the failure of cap-and-trade:

Unfortunately, the congressional process around health care ate up the clock, if you will.

As health care is “only” 16% of the economy while cap-and-trade is the other 84%, anti-Communist forces paid a high price but got the better of the deal.

One thought on “Browner: Cap-and-trade undone by Obamacare”

  1. Owing to her extremely powerful position in the Obama administration, Browner was — by far — the most dangerous politician in that administration (even more so than self-described Communist Van Jones).

    Fortunately both of these two overt Socialists are no longer in the administration. Unfortunately, both are still very influential.

    The great irony is that — although we won the Cold War — the Communist/Socialist ideology (with the current stealth approach) is now a far bigger threat than ever before. That said, it’s a moot point. The global Socialists have already done enough damage to destroy all of Western Civilization. Under the crushing weight of the entitlement mentality, we have already passed a tipping point of no return. It is no longer a question of whether all of Western Civilization will collapse — the only question is how soon. The only thing we can do now is slow the collapse. I give it 3 to 20 years.

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