ThinkProgress: The Debunking Handbook

The greens try their hand at psychologizing debunking, apparently for the purpose of attacking the Petition Project.

From ThinkProgress:

The Debunking Handbook, written by John Cook of Skeptical Science and Stephan Lewandowsky of The Conversation, is a must-read summary of the scientific literature on how to extract pernicious myths from people’s minds and restore fact-based knowledge. The Handbook explores “the surprising fact that debunking myths can sometimes reinforce the myth in peoples’ minds.” Learn how to avoid the Familiarity Backfire, the Overkill Backfire, and the Worldview Backfire Effects. Although the examples used come primarily from the world of climate science, the tools in the Debunking Handbook are key for debunking other myths about science, economics, and society.

Five pages of mumbo-jumbo lead to the page-6 hit on the 31,000 U.S. scientists who signed the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine’s petition against global warming alarmism.

Debunking_HandbookClick to read “The Debunking Handbook.”

3 thoughts on “ThinkProgress: The Debunking Handbook”

  1. Hmmm…nice straw man they set up there. Nobody disputes that human activity can lead to warming (localized or otherwise). The “97%” number does NOT refer to CO2 Induced Warming (that wasn’t the question). The “31,000” does not say that humans are not causing warming (that wasn’t the petition). They’ve gone 6 pages to repackage the myth that “skeptics” who aren’t “Climatologists” are out of step.

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