IBD: Badly-Needed Alaskan Oil Is Kept From Market By Obama Decision

“The same administration that says we can and should get oil from the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska is blocking a bridge needed to get it to market on environmental grounds.”

Investor’s Business Daily editorializes:

The [National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska], 23 million acres of North Slope wilderness, was established in 1923 by President Harding to ensure a reserve of oil for the U.S. Navy.

Obama has cited it as an example of areas where the oil companies could drill but are reluctant to, knowing full well his administration has walled off preferred areas offshore and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

The problem is that at least one oil company, Conoco Phillips, has said it will go after the oil and gas in the NPRA, estimated by the U.S. Geological Survey to hold 2.7 billion barrels of oil and 114.36 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

To get it out, Conoco Phillips wants to build a road bridge and pipeline over the Colville River on the edge of the NPRA to get drilling supplies in and the oil and gas out…

The Army Corps of Engineers, backed by the usual environmental suspects, says a pipeline under the river, which is frozen half the year, is preferred even though the oil company has said it would be less safe…

Read the IBD editorial.

One thought on “IBD: Badly-Needed Alaskan Oil Is Kept From Market By Obama Decision”

  1. Under river is always less safe and more likely to spill, especially in permafrost (the warmth of the pipe causes serious changes in the local environment). What kind of idiot suggests running pipe through permafrost, much less under a river? Anyone with half a brain knows that above-ground pipes are less likely to leak because (surprise surprise) you can see leaks as they develop instead of learning about pipe exfiltration 20 years after it started.

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