Wang: China made me do it

“Will Obama endorse the one-child policy next?”

Eric Wang writes in the Washington Times,

Of the adjectives commonly associated with Washington policymakers, “childish” inevitably ranks among the most frequently used. This month’s congressional hearing on the Solyndra scandal is a perfect example of why. Listening to Energy Secretary Steven Chu and members of Congress citing China as justification for the deeply troubled federal clean energy loan program, we are reminded of parents admonishing recalcitrant children that just because someone else jumps off a bridge, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to follow suit…

Sino-envy as justification for federal policies is unprincipled and unjustified because it fails to explain why we do not emulate China in other areas…

With neo-Malthusians wringing their hands about “sustainable development” in the face of population growth, why do we not consider China’s one-child-per-family policy? And, with all of the partisan bickering in Washington over important initiatives like clean energy and high-speed rail, wouldn’t it be far more efficient to do as the Chinese do and simply lock up the political opposition?

Read Wang’s full commentary.

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