6 thoughts on “Why conservatives don't reform the EPA…”

  1. I have to assume that Steve is equating republicans with conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only true conservatives are libertarians. Republicans are just democrat-lite, and if the last election didn’t prove that, I don’t know what will.

  2. Reality check: Right on! During the 60’s Wyoming Republicans returned one of the most wastefull and incompitent Democrat Senators in Washington time and again because he was feeding them pork rinds. He had the worst voting record in the Senate. He only returned from the Bahamas to vote for his own pay raises. He wasn’t smart enough to figure out that all of the rest would vote for pay rises without him.

  3. I received an email containing a “letter to the editor” saying Americans are idiots because they elect people over and over while giving less than a 10% approval rating to the government. Yes, but the “rational” for this behaviour is that it’s someone else’s elected officials that are to blame. Virtually every elected official will take a handout for their own state, even now. Their voters don’t seem to get that a handout is handout, no matter it it’s to you or to some guy four states away. The very few elected who won’t snap up “free” money are so far outnumbered they have little chance of changing this. Until people realize their guy and their handouts are part of the problem as are all who support the corrupt mess, the mess will live on.

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