China wins bid for bankrupt Obama-backed solar company

“A Chinese car parts maker has won the auction for bankrupt US battery maker A123 Systems, in a further success in international dealmaking for Chinese groups… In October, A123 – which was awarded a $249m grant from the US government – became the latest stimulus-backed company to file for bankruptcy, prompting a fresh round of attacks on President Barack Obama’s support for emerging energy technologies. [Financial Times]

It’s not easy to replace foam lunch trays with greener options, school officials say

“Max said he worries about the health repercussions of littering Earth with foam.” [Washington Post]… We suggest that Max develop an interest in a more important issue to his present and future — like our disastrous economy.

Chevron Aims at an Activist Shareholder

Chevron goes after a poseur-shareholder as part of a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations lawsuit the company filed against an army of parties involved in bringing an environmental case against Chevron in Ecuador almost two decades ago. [New York Times]

Claim: Climate Skeptics Swayed by Consensus, Not Evidence

Don’t spit your coffee on your screen…. “Conservatives are less likely to accept the reality of human-caused climate science when presented with supporting scientific evidence. But tell them that 99 out of 100 climate scientists agree on the subject, and conservatives will be more likely to accept that humans are altering the climate, according to a new pilot study.” []