New Intimidation Effort Launched Against Skeptics: The 'Checks and Balances Project'

Although little corporate money goes to skeptics (especially as compared to the corporate money that goes to alarmists), the green-run Checks and Balances Projects apparently aims to resurrect that myth with two goals in mind: (1) continue to intimidate corporations from funding skeptics and (2) intimidate the media from running skeptic commentary. The Checks and Balances Project is ironically named since the Constitution’s system of checks-and-balances is the system the Founding Fathers devised to limit the growth of government. The Checks and Balances Project, in contrast, intends to silence skeptics so that government power can expand through climate-energy policy. [Checks and Balances Project]

IBD: Public Must Face True Cost Of Unreliable Renewables

“California’s Public Utilities Commission estimated in 2009 that the 33% RPS rule (finally adopted in 2011) would require an investment of about $115 billion, or some $3,000 for every Californian.” [Investor’s Business Daily]