House calls on Obama EPA to release secret data behind looming air rule

“Prior to finalizing the new rule, the Committee leaders said “it is essential that EPA and the White House make the underlying data linking PM2.5 and mortality publicly available in a manner sufficient for analysis by independent scientists and researchers.” [House Science Committee]

LA Times Cartoonist: Blind faith of climate change deniers endangers us all

“This week’s Newsweek magazine features a couple of essays — one about Jesus and one about climate change — that demonstrate the difference between simple faith in the unknowable and blind faith that denies scientific fact.” [Los Angeles Times]

Al Gore Asks Hollywood for More Climate Change Storylines

“Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter about 75 guests including Lawrence Bender, Leonard Nimoy and Lynn Lear gathered to hear Gore’s impassioned plea for the entertainment industry to renew its focus on climate change.” [Hollywood Reporter]

Melting polar ice could release old viruses

“In 1999, Russian scientists famously dug a long-dead frozen woolly mammoth out of the Siberian permafrost. Other things lurking in the frozen earth may be more alive — and more dangerous. Scientists warn that global warming could release ancient bacteria, viruses and fungi from frozen lakes, glaciers and permafrost. If this happens, humans could become exposed to viruses and diseases they have not encountered in thousands of years.” [Mother Nature Network via The Miami Herald]