5 thoughts on “Mann admits Sandy not caused by climate change”

  1. Filing under too little, too late. Has he always been able to tell the difference truth and lie, is this just a recent development, and is it a fluke? Based on his lawsuits and his Nobel prizes presented to the court, I’m going with fluke.

  2. There are cycles to this solar system,the perdition of our times.Why trust weather forecasts of decades into the future,when no one can say what will it be next month or two.So I dig deep into the archaeology ,C14,ice core.data,satelite data,tree rings,with enough data a graph can be made at home showing monthly changes going back tens of thousands of years,then a graph emerges ,much as on an oscilloscope.So even then,it only shows short term harmonics.So it is still very helpful,droughts are happening.NASA still has enormous integrity,and too many self promoting morons ,interfere with professionals.Read what Adml.HYMAN G. RICKOVER,USN,had to say about frustrated suspicions and excessive AWE reaction of under educated,manipulated masses,and read about other end of the world dramas through out history,Council of 1666 comes to mind…..

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