LA Times Cartoonist: Blind faith of climate change deniers endangers us all

“This week’s Newsweek magazine features a couple of essays — one about Jesus and one about climate change — that demonstrate the difference between simple faith in the unknowable and blind faith that denies scientific fact.” [Los Angeles Times]

9 thoughts on “LA Times Cartoonist: Blind faith of climate change deniers endangers us all”

  1. I should like to bring the remark of churches down several meta levels,narcissium and entitlements replacing spiritual or moral directives to lay the foundations for self responsibilies,birth planning,and living within ones means,and instructing on the importance of ABRAHAMIC LAWS in an effort to address the issues facing us during these perious times,drought ,fukus being two,spoonfeed the rest..patience works miracles even today,

  2. Nice. I may be a follower of Jesus, but at least his life is based on historical fact (whether he was God in the flesh as he claimed is a matter of faith) whereas thesw idiots dont even have any evidence on their side. And they say we Christians are the looney ones.

  3. Its real simple, equations and models need to be verified by data. The climate models and Mann’s climate reconstructs have not. In that case, you modify the model or equation, not reject data that does not conform to your beliefs.

  4. I read an interesting blog post (elsewhere) that explained how when we get to quantum mechanics and extreme modeling, we are taking the scientist’s word on faith, just as religion does. If we cannot understand the math and physics, we have to chose who we believe. And that is called “blind faith” in climate change, NOT the deniers. Scientists generally are enraged if you compare them to “God” in religion, but fact is, if they are the only ones who can understand the data, they are casting themselves as God. They have knowledge of what average people do not. Same as the Pope.

  5. I have not read the details,I do know that one MUST HAVE EDUCATION.The facts speak for themselves;Why is it that those who dwell on truth ,at the gates of enternity know the truth of the one and only “Host,G*d,the Almighty”,even when they have lived as an atheist?,andclimate change,why is it spun. from the perspective of satelite images to the scientists to the elites to the public? The only ones able to address these things are the local churches,listen well,as science has led us astray ,with all the “trinkets,blankets,and modern minor miracles,medical ,etc….Enjoy the Holidays,be gratefull,humble,peacefull……

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