15 thoughts on “Date with a climate-change denier”

  1. Despite all their talk of “respect me as a person, not treat me as a sex object”, women still think that men should bow to their vaginas. Notice that she thought he was the one losing out by having “wrong” beliefs, not ever considering that maybe she was the one losing out because of her own form of shallowness.

  2. “Megan Kimble runs, hikes and bikes around Tucson, where she’s a student in University of Arizona’s MFA program for creative nonfiction.”

    Well, that’s quite a resume. Ms. Kimble sounds like quite a catch for any alarmist.

  3. If you are unfortunate enough to end with a girl like this on a blind date, be sure to tout your skepticism. Best protection you could ask for.

  4. If you will look into it, you will find that Voodoo has a lot in common with modern advice about how to focus on your goals. I find it grossly unfair to Voodoo to compare it to the rants of Paul Ehrlich, the inverted Cassandra.

  5. I like this:

    “I rolled through the dust and heat of a 70-degree winter’s evening and wondered how I should have responded to his question.”

    So AGW is responsible for a 70-degree winter’s evening in Tucson, Arizona? The ignorance and self-importance of these heroes of Gaia never fails to impress me.

  6. It is a combination of the segregation instinct common to all animals with human civilisation providing an infinite number of ways to trigger it.

    Good luck finding a mate who is not religious, does not engage in politics, does not have breast implants or other artificial body parts; is not covered with tattoos or piercings; is not a vegetarian or a GM-food hater; does not smoke or do drugs; is good-looking and fertile. Is that too much to ask? In the world of 7 billion people?

  7. I did a college paper on Erhlichs claim that fossil fuel would cause a new ice age. He has had a number of predictions that make voodoo look reliable. This poor girl works in an office with no purpose, for a cause that doesn’t exist to pursue a social agenda guaranteed to fail. What a plan, I’m sure her parents are proud!

  8. The young lady can follow the talking points, therefor it they are true to her. Juries are like that too, especially for complicated cases.

    The breast implant problem of a couple decades ago went like this. Breast implants are made from silicone; Sand is Silica; Sand will bind up gears;. Therefore, breast implants cause aching joints.

    Good companies were bankrupted and many women were scared witless as joint pain morphed to cancer in the imagination.

    “Pure bimbo” does not explain what we see, as the President of Penn State can not read and flushed $60 million down the drain based on community madness.

  9. Think of it as Darwinism. The writer of that article is unlikely to reproduce, which enhances the species.

  10. Hmmm…..what part of “no warming for 16 years” does the author not understand? Oh wait – that’s not the point. Not sure what the point is, but that’s not it!

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