Shock: EPA exposes human guinea pigs to lead; Agency ignores own 'no safe' exposure determination

The EPA has exposed human test subjects to lead despite the agency’s conclusion that there is “no safe” level of exposure to the heavy metal.

Below is an excerpt from the EPA’s “FACT SHEET: FINAL REVISIONS TO THE NATIONAL AMBIENT AIR QUALITY STANDARDS FOR LEAD,” issued in October 2008. Note that inhalation of lead can lead to rapid absorption in the bkloodstream and that “no safe level of lead in the blood has been identified.”

EPA no safe lead

Next is an excerpt from EPA’s May 2002 “Health Assessment Document For Diesel Engine Exhaust,” which states that diesel exhaut contains lead.

Lead in diesel quote

Yet for years, EPA has been intentionally exposing human study subjects to high levels of diesel exhaust as in the 2007 study captioned below.

DE study title 2007

Not only did EPA intentionally expose study subjects to a substance for the which the agency says there is no safe exposure, but they failed to inform study subjects about the lead in diesel exhaust. below is a sample disclosure from a recent clinical study consent form.

DE disclosure

Click for more on EPA’s ghastly human experiments.

10 thoughts on “Shock: EPA exposes human guinea pigs to lead; Agency ignores own 'no safe' exposure determination”

  1. Defrutum, carenum, and sapa were used in Ancient Roman cuisine. They were made by boiling down grape juice or must (freshly squeezed grapes) in large kettles of bronze, copper or lead. Boiling grape juice in lead kettles has been demonstrated to produce a level of 29,000 ppb of dissolved lead (as lead acetate), 2,900 times higher than the current US drinking water standards of 10 ppb.
    Obviously the Romans must have been descended from gods if they could consume this much lead and not die outright!

  2. I’m very skeptical of the whole lead panic. White lead, red lead may be the culprit, not metallic lead.
    I’ve cast and shoot tons of lead bullets over the past 35 years. During that same period I’ve restored several old homes that required burning and sanding lead based paint off wood wood work.
    The worst injury I’ve received was getting burned with molten lead and the torch used to burn the paint off with.
    It never dawned on me to use a mask or a respirator, plus they are a royal pain the lower region to work with.
    My blood lead levels, if that’s the proper terminology, is lower then the average guy walking the street.

  3. It is SOO much easier to put people in harm’s way if you just don’t think about them as ‘people’, but as ‘experimental subjects.’
    ‘Evil’ is the *willingness* to allow people to suffer. There is true, pure Evil afoot in the EPA.

  4. Typical eugenicist style of political shenannigans from EPA as always. The no safe level is as junk science as it gets. We would never have evolved if the statement were true!

  5. “No safe level of lead in the blood has been identified.”

    That is a lie.

    “The standard elevated blood Lead level (BLL) for adults’ set by the Center for Disease Control is 25 micrograms per deciliter (25 µg/dl) of whole blood. This level recognizes that every adult has accumulated some Lead contamination.”

    The standard for children is <10.

    EPA and CDC don't talk to each other, apparently.

    Chelation therapy for adults isn't recommended until the concentration is above 45.

    Plumbumphobia. I told my doctor last year that I had some lead exposure. He didn't care. Unless the concentration is high enough to cause symptoms, he considers it irrelevant. He wouldn't even test me.

  6. Clearly, Don, it is a combination of both. However, the key in all this that will hopefully be exposed is that the supposed dangers are fabricated and that it is simply a “typical fear tactic”.

  7. Either the EPA is heartless and cruel enough to expose humans to a threat they know can kill or their assertions about the dangers are just the typical fear tactic used by zealots to maintain control of the narrative and cling to the power they’d not otherwise have.

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