6 thoughts on “Up to 9% of deaths in London caused by air pollution”

  1. I agree Westchester Bill. And of course London eventually banned coal burning fires after thousands had died (probably would have died of cold anyway – true – three cheers for global warming). But if you lived in Australia matey there is lots of real good clean air in the countryside – except we are getting invaded – like the USA with more and more people (I mean slaves). Not many can get to Australia by boat, and they can’t afford aeroplanes. But many come in by commercial aero flights and then disappear into the sweatshops. Ever read Bukowski?)

  2. “… there are over 4,267 extra deaths each year in London from particulates in the air. ”
    so there should be little difficulty in coming up with over 4000 death certificates each year listing “air pollution” as the primary cause of death, should there?

  3. For sure, particulate matter, sufates, nitrates are pollution and should be mitigated by gov’t action. We’ve done it in the US and all have benefited. Of course, CO2 is not a pollutant, does not cause illness or even discomfort, so it is completely outside the purview of this study.

  4. My first wife came from an impoverished family in bucolic Sullivan County, New York. The family got electricity when she was in fourth grade, and inside plumbing came after she was married to me. The family heated their house with wood stoves, and all her clothing smelled of wood smoke. Yes there was an air inversion disaster in London in 1952, but generally air in cities beats air in rural ares using wood stoves and dung burning stoves.

    The 9% statistic is alarming if people would otherwise live for ever. ,Since all people breath a lot during their lives, some lung dysfunction at times of death would be expected. But cause? Give us a break.

  5. Well let’s put it this way. My medical friends tell me that Big City pollution (from all sources – not just Big Petroleum) causes a darkening and staining of lung tissue which indicates potential organ damage (similar if you like to fools who inhale tobacco into the lungs). The solution is to get the hell out of the cities. It has nothing to do with “climate change” or any of that nonsense.

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