Study: Mother Nature melting Greenland ice from below through geothermal heating reports:

The Greenland ice sheet is melting from below, caused by a high heat flow from the mantle into the lithosphere. This influence is very variable spatially and has its origin in an exceptionally thin lithosphere. Consequently, there is an increased heat flow from the mantle and a complex interplay between this geothermal heating and the Greenland ice sheet. The international research initiative IceGeoHeat led by the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences establishes in the current online issue of Nature Geoscience that this effect cannot be neglected when modeling the ice sheet as part of a climate study…

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10 thoughts on “Study: Mother Nature melting Greenland ice from below through geothermal heating”

  1. The western Antarctic also has a slightly thinner lithosphere creating a slightly warmer glacial base!!! Amazing how all these Expert Climatologists miss the basics.

  2. Heresy, heresy I say! The Greenland Ice can only melt due to the effects of AGW. Get out the rack and the Popes Pear and start the torture until the dogma is upheld, correct or not.

  3. I confess. I’ve been capturing my SUV’s exhaust and pumping it straight to the magma to warm it with my CO2. I’ll disconnect when the world’s powers pay me one meeelion dollars in Zimbabwe currency.

  4. Several years back, here was the report of a volcanic fissure under the polar ice cap on the ocean floor that was contributing to the ice cap thinning. Conveniently, we’ve heard nothing more about it, doesn’t fit the narrative.

  5. Next will come the Great Global Core Cooling Crisis. We will then be forced to pump extra energy deep into the earth to prevent the core from cooling and the earth becoming a dead planet.

  6. Plenty of evidence for vulcanism under the Arctic ocean, IIRC.
    Geothermal vents are less obvious than lava, but could have a noticable effect on the melting of floating ice.

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