Tribune-Review: Obama’s Snow Job

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorializes:

The calendar says August, but Americans are in for a snow job from President Obama’s principal organizing arm, which this month will be primarily pitching ObamaCare, along with climate change and maybe even gun control.

Organizers call it grassroots “blizzarding.” Try government propaganda.

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2 thoughts on “Tribune-Review: Obama’s Snow Job”

  1. Sounds you buy into the moronic notion of a liberal media that is unfairly biased against conservatives. No surprise there, this crank magnet web log is chock full of troofers and birfers and creationists and gun loons who openly fantasize about murdering their political opponents, multiple strata atop its base of climate denialist crackpottery.

    Especially since we are talking about Pittsburgo. You’d love it there: hills, terrible road network, lots of slack jawed yokels. Act like an idiot and they’ll treat you like an equal, which would come naturally to you. Heck, they might even make you king of the one eyed trouser snakes for all the gifts you have put on display at this board.

    All Hail King MT!

  2. I hastily assumed the Trib-Review would have endorsed Obama. In fact they endorsed Romney in 2012. So at least some of the press is awake.

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