California cooling chilling climate activism

Peter Funt writes at Monterery County Herald:

A ll I know about climate, some say, is what’s outside my window.

Across much of California this is one of the coolest summers in memory, with temperatures well below normal. In San Jose, where the average high in August is 82, so far this month it’s at 75.

Yet, on a recent day when San Jose’s high was 73 and its low 60, California’s Environmental Protection Agency released an extensive report about climate change and global warming…

Usually a plea from politicians that we “leave a better future for our children and grandchildren” is met with nods of approval followed by a chorus of yawns. Perhaps California can take the lead in changing that when it comes to the very real problems of climate change.

It won’t be easy. Not when the thermometer outside has readings in the 60s, and the very day in mid-summer that the state issues its findings on global warming, the San Jose Mercury News carries the front-page headline, “Bundle up: Parkas are in order.”

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12 thoughts on “California cooling chilling climate activism”

  1. The next question the poll asked was if it cost money do you support for California’s climate change program dropped to well under 50%. Still too high, but it is clear that the overwhelming support is not there unless it is free, which it isn’t.

  2. Most people have little or no clue about our over sized, short sighted, confiscatory government and the crony fools who freely feed at the trough of crooked politicians in Washington D.C. California, Illinois, and New York states are nearly bankrupt as is Detroit, Michigan and most people think things can only get better. When and until we get more honest elected officials like Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, this country will continue to “kick the can down the road”.

  3. “Meaningful” could mean to create wealth/technology so that we can adapt to the changes, rather than to waste $Ts trying to stop the changes (and surrendering our liberty doing so).

  4. “You goons have lost the war, and there is nothing this crank magnet website or its crackpot denialist corporate shill organiser and his flying monkey army can do about it.”

    You continue with the ad hominem. Do you have any real arguments?

  5. I never understand people like you – why do you want us to have to impoverish billions and keep billions in poverty?

    Surely anybody sane should be hoping that the manmade CO2 claims are false?

  6. I can’t imagine any population sample in California that would have 80% adult. From what I see, 1-2% tops.

    Come to think of it, it was cooler than normal in Richmond last week. Maybe Ehrlich was right, this is the harbinger of the next ice age.

  7. Was talking to a friend of mine who lives in the foothills east of LA (Pasadena). He was thinking of pulling out his electric blanket!

  8. I find the intellectual clarity and logic of Mr. Bell’s well-constructed and articulate argument quite persuasive. His creative mix of ad hominem attack and contumely will surely win many converts to the warmist point of view. cause.

  9. The Gore effect.
    A cool summer is only that, and if there were a real trend this cool summer (in some areas) would be only a blip. For that matter, at the point that most record sets indicate was at the high end of global warming (1996-1997), my hometown saw the coldest winter I’ve ever seen here.
    But it’s very amusing to see the engineer hoist with his own petar: the alarmists have called every warmer-than-average week the proof of the apocalypse.
    California has been granola-crunchy-tree-huggy-green for a long, long time now. As a state, they’d be very inclined to lead against the chimera. But their efforts have meant nothing except the loss of a lot of wealth and a lot of jobs.

  10. “[R]esearchers at Stanford University concluded that from 1980 to 2005 the earth’s temperature rose at a rate 10 times faster than during any period since the birth of mankind.” Amazing! Those researchers at Stanford can actually tell you what the temperature was during any quarter century going back nearly 100,000 years. Clever buggers.

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