WSJ on Jackson's Departure from EPA

“Ms. Jackson used her discretion to make these rules as aggressive and punitive as possible, even if they couldn’t survive legal scrutiny.”

“More than four years after the 2008 panic, the U.S. economy still hasn’t rebounded to its normal potential growth trend. So the legacy of one of the main culprits—Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency, who announced Thursday she is resigning—must include the millions of Americans who can’t find a job or haven’t seen their incomes rise.

The EPA chief is among President Obama’s most abusive and reckless regulators—his repressed green id. Over her four years, Ms. Jackson inflicted an unprecedented surge of new rules on private business, including the most expensive ever in the history of government by several orders of magnitude. A “major” regulation used to be defined as imposing costs of $100 million or more. The EPA now routinely issues multibillion-dollar rules with little more than a press release.” [WSJ subscription required]

3 thoughts on “WSJ on Jackson's Departure from EPA”

  1. “Overall he is pretty good and has a good heart.”

    And your evidence for this is . . . ?

    He appears to be a cold man filled with contempt.

  2. What we believe and why is a fascinating topic. Mathematics is an area where reason rules. But even there I take the word of experts that the number pi is transcendental. I know roughly how the proof thereof would be analyzed and trust that that process was carried out for Lindeman’s work The same is true for the assertion that the Universe is 13.72 billion years old.

    So i have some sympathy with president Obama’s incorrect views. Lots of supposed experts feed him the nonsense he believes. Overall he is pretty good and has a good heart. Still he took the blatant anti-Semitic position of the academy that the Palestinians and Jews are equally responsible for their Middle East problem. Our president has backed off a bit from that as has Mrs. Clinton.

    I do wish that our president would get into his head that his administration is infested with Naderites, the left’s version of tea party extremists. Sadly so is our Medical establishment. Remember Dr. Wolfe and the insane breast implant scare.

    I doubt if Ms.Jackson could actually follow the logic of her extreme beliefs. But Ms. merkel has problems too, and Ms. Merkel has a doctorate in Quantum Chemistry.

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