16 thoughts on “Feinstein to introduce bill banning 120 specific guns, including some handguns”

  1. The only thing Prohibitions have ever accomplished is to create a Black Market. The broader the Prohibition, the Stronger the Black Market.
    I’ve noticed that local ‘buy-back’ programs are already in competition with the illegal arms industry when it comes to paying people for stolen guns.

  2. The “major assault on the 2nd Amendment” started with the National Firearms Act of 1934. Prior to that, if it was made, you could own it.

    You maybe couldn’t carry it around loaded and concealed (many states banned concealed carry but allowed open carry since back then someone openly carrying a firearm was a “known” element, but a concealed arm represented an unknown element, and was a sign of nefarious intent) but you could have it and use it legally.

    That’s when the government started to decide what a “weapon” was or wasn’t and to register legal owners of machine guns, cannon, and other “destructive devices”.

    You can still legally own anything we’d export to a foreign country and many things we wouldn’t, except machine guns (due to an obscure insert into the so called firearms owners protection act of 1985), but who the heck wants a surface to air missile battery in their backyards? There are a few operational tanks still in private hands, but they are rather difficult to maintain, and the ammunition is “costly” to say the least.

    And, of course, due to the above mentioned regulation, if you wish to restore one, while getting the CANNON operational won’t be difficult, buying the machine guns to outfit, say, an old M4 Sherman would actually cost almost as much as the tank itself, because no new or repaired machine guns can be transferred to civilians, so you’d have to pay up to 10 times what they’re worth to get one of the currently registered ones. A Sherman carried 4, 1 M2, 2 M1919’s, and 1 M1935 (which are particularly rare).

  3. Thanks, Bob.

    Generally looks like a list of oddball stuff. Which is NOT a reason to ban them.

    “Bushmaster Assault Rifle” is conspicuous as nonsense.

  4. Hopefully, this won’t get serious consideration. I’m sure your elected representatives would welcome your comments on any proposed law. This law is a major assault on the second amendment and is deserving of strong opposition.

  5. The only California list I know of is one of APPROVED guns. They generally get on the list by manufacturers submitting guns for “safety” tests, principally, a drop test.

    Some manufacturers have written California off as not worth dealing with. Hence, there are prohibited guns that are prohibited simply because they weren’t submitted. It would be standard bureaucratic idiocy for Feinstein to propose banning a gun simply because it’s not on California’s approved list.

  6. A big problem for now is that the Feinstein bill “will be introduced”, i.e., the actual text isn’t available yet through normal channels. So there’s no access to the ‘list of forbidden weapons’.

    Other things remain unanswered, such as, what happens if I have a rifle that’s grandfathered but flunk my background check for some reason? Do they confiscate the rifle? Will officials be required to have “probable cause” to believe that you possess firearms, and to get a warrant to search your home for them? Will the records of gunsmiths be grabbed by the BATF and used for the “probable cause” finding? Will you be required to keep information on your person identifying your grandfathered weapon and display/register it when you go to the gun range for practice? And of course, how long your prison term will be for having an unregistered ‘forbidden’ weapon.

    Hopefully the kind and generous host of this blog will keep an eye out for the text of the bill when it emerges from under its rock.

  7. Guess I need to run down to my local gun store and grab a Kel-Tec PMR-30 before the poop starts flying in Washington.

  8. I don,t and will not disclose if i have a gun or not.. its not the government
    business..we all should show up in washington with our guns ablazing
    its a second amendment right not a suggestion..The supreme court is partly responsible for this mess. Their too liberal and idiots.

  9. Neat trick with the ‘grandfathering’. If you’re allowed to keep the gun, you have to register it, and get photographed, fingerprinted, and background-checked. It looks like my Ruger 10/22 would be illegal but grandfathered since it can accept my 25-rd mags.

    Feinstein did not sit down and write this legislation herself. Someone else and their lawyer wrote it with her approval, and I have to wonder who.

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