Global warming threatens spaghetti, lo mein

“But if humans want to keep eating pasta, we will have to take much more aggressive action against global warming. Pasta is made from wheat, and a large, growing body of scientific studies and real-world observations suggest that wheat will be hit especially hard as temperatures rise and storms and drought intensify in the years ahead.” [Daily Beast]

6 thoughts on “Global warming threatens spaghetti, lo mein”

  1. World wheat production was 586.1 million metric tons in 2000. It was 651.4 million metric tons in 2010.
    Up 11%.

    What “real-world observations” are they looking at?

    “Growing body”
    “almost inevitable”

    Weasels. And liars.

  2. So what is the problem? Bill O’Reilly and other Munchausen Alarmists are telling us how deadly wheat is. Wheat has been the staple diet of most of civilization from the beginning, but they need a good scare to get their name in the news.

  3. tadchem: We’d be much better served if the new grasslands were used for cattle instead of bird food.


  4. That claim ignores the claims elsewhere that the Amazon basin will be deforested to a grassland, becoming a new ‘breadbasket.’ 🙂

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