NYTimes: Mapping 50 Years of Melting Ice in Glacier National Park

Glaciers receding… but local temperatures not rising.

Read the NYTimes report.

Glaciers in Glacier National Park may be receding, but they have been doing so since the end of the Little Ice Age. Moreover, there is no local warming trend:

Whatever is happening to GNP’s glaciers, it doesn’t appear to be related to greenhouse gas emissions.

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  1. I go the park every few years going back to 1980. True that the glaciers have been retreating since the Little Ice age. What isn’t told unless you do a little digging, those Glacier Park glaciers are only 3,000 years old. My source? The park literature. You can find it via google. The pass on Going to the Sun road had a record or near record late opening due to snow only a few years ago. It opened mid July. Typically it opens in June. Never in May and when it opens, typically in June, it often is closed again for a few days due to new snowfall.

  2. Carl, Obviously the conversation you get is down to who you are talking with – When we were in Alaska I constantly asked about the effects of AGW on Glacier(s) condition. As an example when at the Mendenhall I asked the officers there and they said that although a lot of work had been done and was continuing to identify the reasons for the melt rates, at the time no direct links to alleged AGW(climate change) had been identified.
    Recent results of investigations in the USA have also shown that while USA glaciers are receding there has not been any local increase in temperatures – it may well be that as in the Antarctic, geothermal heat sources are possibly to blame

  3. Just got back from an Alaskan vacation, including lots of glaciers. Tour guides told of how our wonderful glaciers were receding due to global warming. So sad, tell your representatives, get involved, stop CO2.

    They also told of the glacial lakes that couldn’t support life. And how Alaska was an enormous state with a tiny population, and how populations in towns dropped 90% in the winter because it’s too cold to live there. And how so many people died of exposure trying to climb mountains.

    No mention of global warming on these topics.

    I kept thinking that they should be cheering global warming, whatever the cause. The advantages to Alaska are blindingly obvious.

  4. Exactly what have glaciers been doing for the last 40,000 years or so in the Northern hemisphere? Yep, you got it- receding.

  5. Democratic Party voters need to wake up to the realization that econazi spoiler votes are not worth addition of coercive pseudoscience planks. The Liberal Party of America went for repeal of prohibition and blue laws in 1931. Dems stole that plank and controlled the White House 5 straight elections. This time they trusted Green infiltrators and lost. It was the only major difference between the Dem and GOP. Libertarians are up 328% and determine the electoral count in some 9 states.

  6. Thank goodness for Donald Trump – apparently he has not been sucked into the mire of lies and deceit of the warmers. It is only to be hoped that he ‘will’ get the USA out of this stupid Paris agreement – I only wish we had someone in our Government here in NZ who would do likewise – we live in hope!

  7. I believe we have entered the era of Truth Terrorism. There is no longer any way to verify information. There was an Ioannidis paper several years ago titled something like: Why most research is false! I think the IEEE marked a few hundred published papers as false. Medical research has become infamous for unreproducible results and the invalid statistical techniques when they use epidemiology based studies. Meanwhile, news journalists will report research results using their politically correct fanaticism. Truth Terrorism!

  8. Journalistic Malpractice; Claiming Glaciers are Melting due to CO2 when there is no Warming Trend

    Unfortunately, the “science” experts at the New York Times are conditioned to only see CO2 as the cause, and they never ask the relevant questions. They wrote an entire article titled “Mapping 50 Years of Melting Ice in Glacier National Park” without ever asking the most basic question of “has it been warming in Glacier National Park over the past 50 years?” Had the “experts” at the New York Times ask that basic question they would have discovered that even though CO2 has increased from around 320 ppm to 405 ppm over the past 50 years, there has been no warming in Glacier National Park, none, regardless of what the unnamed “scientists” claim.

  9. T > 0°C = ice melts.
    This happens during the interglacial periods until the ice is gone.
    T < 0°C = ice accumulates.
    This happens during the ice ages.
    T fluctuates = ice levels fluctuate.
    There is no reasonable expectation that glaciers should be stagnant.

  10. T > 0°C = ice melts.
    This happens during the interglacial periods until the ice is gone.
    T < 0°C = ice accumulates.
    This happens during the ice ages.
    There is no reasonable expectation that glaciers should be stagnant.

  11. What has precipitation been doing in that same time period? Less precipitation, or flat. Trend in precipitation has an effect also.

  12. Brother in law went to Glacier in the middle of April. He was disappointed that they couldn’t visit many areas of the park because there was too much SNOW and many of the roads couldn’t be cleared.

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