5 thoughts on “Warmists fiddle historic sea level change data”

  1. There is no shortage of data indicating that ‘mean sea level’ is a local phenomenon, subject to local subsidence, soil compaction, and tectonic motions that can each and all overwhelm secular trends in the geocentric altitude of the oceanic surface. Without *comprehensive* data such as high-precision global altimetry by satellites in all locales, which has not been available long enough to show statistically significant trends, any discussion of ‘global mean sea level’ is hypothetical and ‘conclusions’ are rhetorical.

  2. Its is very easy to show what ever you want with past records if you are allowed to adjust them.

    EG Sweden is rising, since it is rising, the water level needs to be adjusted upward by (Fill in the number you want) and therefore the rise is now accelerating.
    A dozen scientists with the task of raising past levels can do a pretty good job, just task them with “raising past levels” and they wont look at anything else. If tasked with the opposite they can do that to, whatever the request.

  3. And of course we know that the numbers we got that we weren’t expecting are right, because they indicate an acceleration!

  4. LOL – We know we’re right, because the rise was less in the past and is bigger now, so – we win!

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