5 thoughts on “LNT-driven radiation scare kicked in teeth again”

  1. The fallacy of LNT is easily shown. All foods and beverages are fatally toxic at high enough dose rates, even water.
    (Water is considered as one of the least toxic chemical compounds, with an LD50 of over 90 ml/kg in rats. Human deaths have resulted from water-drinking contests or from long bouts of exercise during which excessive amounts of fluid were consumed. ‘Water cure’, a method of torture in which the victim is forced to consume excessive amounts of water, can also cause water intoxication.)

    The LNT model would argue that ANY consumption of water could be toxic, cumulatively.

  2. Adam – Thank you for defining “LNT”. Much appreciated …

    I guess I should know that one by now, but its meaning escaped me and was not defined anywhere in the post or article.

  3. People have been sitting in radioactive hot springs for ever, it might be the oldest form of therapy still in use.

  4. LNT = Linear No Threshold

    A model for the harmful effects of radiation which suggests that any form of radiation is damaging and the damage increases proportionally to the amount of radiation received.

    Has been disproven in various ways but remains popular with the eco fear-mongerer crowd.

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