Warmists seek scapegoat for IPCC failure, ask ‘Have the MSM failed us?’

English major Chris Mooney writes:

This past month should have been the biggest month for climate change journalism in six years.

With the release of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fifth Assessment Report in Stockholm on Friday, there were a wealth stories for journalists to pursue. Scientists are now more certain than ever that humans are causing global warming. Sea level rise projections have been increased—extremely bad news for coastal mega-cities. And researchers have given a stark warning about the irreversibility of much of global warming, and how it will literally play out over a millennium.

But in recent weeks, we’ve seen a flood of media coverage advancing dubious claims pushed by global warming skeptics…

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3 thoughts on “Warmists seek scapegoat for IPCC failure, ask ‘Have the MSM failed us?’”

  1. Clearly these people aren’t aware of one of the universal truths. All forms of media are always ratings driven. If CAGW is business as usual and all the mainstream politicians are supporting it, then the news is boring. Once the MSM smells blood they’ll be all over them.

  2. Well, it sucks when even the MSM fail you, doesn’t it? But not to worry: the MSM are full of crap, ready to be delivered. Just ask.

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