‘If only President Obama had taken science classes instead of bong hits’

BizPacReview writes:

“The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld referred to a meteorologist who vowed to stop flying (just before boarding a plane) and consider a vasectomy because of climate change as, “dishonest hysterics who put drama before data” Monday.

When Eric Holthaus read the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report Friday that said it was “‘extremely likely” that humans cause global warming, he tweeted that he would get a vasectomy and no longer fly.

“When hysterics talk of getting vasectomies to save the Earth, I say, ‘Please do,’” Gutfeld said.

“The real issue,” he said was the coverup-up, noting that the U.N. ignored its own data indicating that the planet hadn’t warmed in 15 years.

“Leaked documents obtained by the AP show that the U.S. government tried to get scientists to downplay the lack of global warming.”

He closed the monologue with a dig directed at the president.

“Who’s anti-science now? Who is the flat-Earther?” he asked. “If only President Obama had taken science classes instead of bong hits.”

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5 thoughts on “‘If only President Obama had taken science classes instead of bong hits’”

  1. That is a bit unfair in one regard. If you need government grants and you don’t bow down to the god of Global warming, the grants will not be forthcoming. Same happens with diet, you write that a low fat vegetible based diet with lots of grains, is probably not the best, and you lose grands, teaching, offices, and are asked to leave your university.

    Government funding of science has really corrupted it.

  2. If only he had had a paper route, mowed lawns, bagged groceries, or flipped burgers. If only he had played Little League Baseball or Pop Warner football. If only he had had a private-industry job at some point. If only he had studied real history instead of “Rules for Radicals” and Marxist ideology. Etc.

    If only the media had been complete and truthful about his background and total lack of credentials.

  3. If he had taken science classes (even in grade school), he would now claim to be a scientist.
    Of course, he would be part of the consensus for global warming.

  4. Had he taken science classes, we would not have known him as a politician. We would now be wrangling with some other pompous idiot instead.

    Am I the only one who finds past subjunctive silly?

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