Warmist Trenberth: Greenland ice sheet MAY melt over the next 1,000 YEARS — Crush our economy for that?

Kevin Trenberth told Yale’s Environment360:

In addition, the report says that because of the long time scales over which heat is transferred from the ocean surface to depth, ocean warming, sea level rise, and ice melt will continue for centuries. That may make the loss of Greenland’s ice sheet irreversible, which would contribute to 7 meters of sea level rise over the course of 1,000 years or so.

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8 thoughts on “Warmist Trenberth: Greenland ice sheet MAY melt over the next 1,000 YEARS — Crush our economy for that?”

  1. It’s possible to make a very long list of things which MAY happen over this timescale. (Most of which are very unlikely to actually happen.)
    Since humans have such a bad record of predicting the future (over much shorter timescales) most of these are best used in science fiction plots anyway.
    Whilst there’s nothing wrong with writing novels/scripts about bad things happening in the future it certainly isn’t “science” nor does there appear any need to pay anyone taxpayers’ money to do so.

  2. It was greener along to coasts anyway. Don’t get the idea that the ice sheet melted away completely.

  3. You mean, Greenland will go back to… GASP! … being green? As it was 1,000 years ago?

    About that roaming Hot Spot — he is actually a Kung-Fu master that was expelled from the Shaolin Temple, and is roaming the world seeking his father’s killer. That’s why you see him in a different place every week…

  4. Wherever there are heat waves, you will find it.
    Wherever there is storm surge, it’ll be there.
    Wherever glaciers are threatened, you will find…
    The roaming Hot Spot!

  5. How can anyone take Trenbath seriously after he said the missing ‘hotspot’ is a wandering entity and appears wherever there is a heatwave such as Russia 2010. According to this logic it was over the UK in July this year and also in 1947 and in 1906. No doubt Samuel Pepys saw this rogue hotspot over his head. I half imagine KT pulls a rabbit out of a hat to prove CO2s magical abilities!

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