Warmist: If enviros really believed in warming, they wouldn’t be blocking nukes, hydro power, wind and solar farms

Paul Danish writes at the Boulder Weekly:

Political reality 3: Climatologists and environmentalists argue that global warming is an existential threat, but their actions suggest that they don’t take the threat very seriously. The two most mature and most commonly deployed technologies for generating carbon-free electricity are nuclear and hydro-electric power. Greens despise both and actively oppose new nuclear plants and hydro-electric dams. If they genuinely believed global warming posed a life-and-death threat to the planet or even civilization as we know it, they would be supporting both, despite any real or imagined risks.

Political reality 4: If environmentalists really believed that global warming posed a clear and present danger to human existence, they would be finding ways to expedite the construction of utility-scale wind farms and solar power plants instead of finding ways to delay them — like by being overly solicitous of the Desert Tortoise or litigating to delay the construction of new power lines to connect alternative energy projects to the grid. The fact that they delay, sometimes by years, the green projects that they claim are needed to save the planet suggests that green solutions are being put forward in bad faith.

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5 thoughts on “Warmist: If enviros really believed in warming, they wouldn’t be blocking nukes, hydro power, wind and solar farms”

  1. If the Watermelons in the green movement would put as much time, money, and ‘energy’ into helping us make nuke energy safer or hydro fish friendly, we might have really cheap energy.

    But they are part of the “Party of NO”.

  2. Another interesting point is the renewable energy croud always include hydro as a renewable energy source. The hydro is a great source of reliable peek power. The other renewable energy sources are resulting in unstable electric grids.

  3. Ha ha! Boulder, Colorado — one of the most Left-wing towns in the country, and the Colorado State Joke (“25 square miles surrounded by reality” et. al.) — whose even more Left-wing “alternative” paper (alternative to the “mainstream” local Left-wing daily, that is) publishes THIS?

    Oh, how funny it is when the Leftards start fighting among themselves!

  4. IPCC cult believes hydro dams produce a lot of CO2 or methane depending on vegetation.

    “Fearnside estimates that in 1990 the greenhouse effect of emissions from the Curuá-Una dam in Pará, Brazil, was more than three-and-a-half times what would have been produced by generating the same amount of electricity from oil.

    This is because large amounts of carbon tied up in trees and other plants are released when the reservoir is initially flooded and the plants rot. Then after this first pulse of decay, plant matter settling on the reservoir’s bottom decomposes without oxygen, resulting in a build-up of dissolved methane. This is released into the atmosphere when water passes through the dam’s turbines.”


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