Study: Warmers temps, higher CO2 boosting tree growth — positive impact on timber-based economies

The WaPo reports:

Climate change is making North American forests more vulnerable to insects and disease but is helping some trees grow faster and increase their resistance to pests, a team of researchers from Dartmouth University said Monday.

Researchers reviewed almost 500 scientific studies dating back to the 1950s to produce what they called the most comprehensive review of the affect of climate change on the forests that cover about one-third of North America. The effort was undertaken as part of the National Climate

The researchers said that warmer temperatures and increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are boosting tree growth, which could have a positive impact on economies that depend on timber and wood pulp, and could help pull carbon out of the ecosystem.

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2 thoughts on “Study: Warmers temps, higher CO2 boosting tree growth — positive impact on timber-based economies”

  1. What has the world come to that seemingly intelligent people are constantly looking at the minutiae?
    Who spends their time worrying about whether some trees are plagued with insects and others are doing very well and growing faster?
    Isn’t that the natural order of life? You know, some things die, other things grow and flourish?
    Hasn’t this been happening since the beginning of time?
    Do these people really think their work is without equal and somewhere out there in this great, big, wide world, we are all awaiting their findings with bated breath??
    I thought a University was a centre of higher learning.
    Paleease people! Get a life!

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