Deutschland über warmism: Germany dodges tougher EU car emission limits

The AP reports:

Germany has managed to delay tougher European Union car emission rules amid fears they could harm its automotive industry.

The 28-nation bloc’s environment ministers on Monday agreed amid strong lobbying from Berlin to further tweak the proposed rules.

EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard deplored the delay and stressed the scope to change the rules “is very limited.”

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4 thoughts on “Deutschland über warmism: Germany dodges tougher EU car emission limits”

  1. Germany would simply leave the EU if the EU threatened their economy. That would destroy France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, …..

  2. The EU climate commissioner needs to learn the golden rule of business, “Those that have the gold make the rules’. She lost on the airline emission trading scheme and now the ground transportation with rules for cars emissions. How long until the preferential rates for electrical power generation from renewables come under attack if a long cold snap with little wind strikes Germany this year? She may soon discover scope of her influence ‘is very limited”.

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