Communist Party India praises IPCC, hits skeptics, says rich nations should bear brunt of emissions cuts

Unlike other warmists, at least CP-India openly admits what it is.

CP-India writes:

… The right-wing Heritage Foundation and the now long-running campaign by the equally rightist and libertarian The Liberty Institute, both “think-tanks” not only questioning science but also railing against what they perceive as a conspiracy by “big government” at an international level no less, that would stand in the way of business-as-usual by global capitalism. They were joined by the infamous so-called “Non-governmental international panel on climate change” and by climate-sceptic media outlets such as Fox News, the Wall Street Journal the and the New York Times in the US, and the Daily Mail in the UK in the English-language press. Regrettably, India’s highly-regarded The Hindu too carried front-page and op-ed stories highlighting the leaked IPCC report and similarly misinterpreting the key findings of AR5…

AR5 states that the atmosphere can hold an upper limit of around 880 billion tonnes of Carbon if temperature rise has to be contained within 2 degrees C. Of this, about 531 billion tonnes have already been emitted till 2011, leaving only about 350 tonnes of Carbon from future emissions that the atmosphere can hold. AR5 also states categorically that temperature rise and cumulative emissions have a linear correlation, that is, they rise more or less in the same proportion.

This should send a clear and unambiguous signal to negotiators in the UNFCCC. Whatever targets are set for individual countries should add up cumulatively to only around 350 tonnes of Carbon till 2100. Nations of the world have a couple of years to arrive at an equitable formula for sharing these cumulative emissions between them, allowing for the historical emissions by each and in proportion to their populations…

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