Bottomless Pit: Even if ocean ate the warming, would only change ocean temperature by IMMEASURABLE hundredths-of-a-degree

IPCCReport reports:

The IPCC graph shows estimated total ocean heat content since 1950, in units of Joules, with the tick mark intervals on the axis showing an apparently enormous numbers such as 10^23 Joules. What the IPCC does not tell the policymakers however, is what this corresponds to in degrees C. In fact a very simple calculation shows that 10^23 Joules would correspond to a rise of only about 0.04C.


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9 thoughts on “Bottomless Pit: Even if ocean ate the warming, would only change ocean temperature by IMMEASURABLE hundredths-of-a-degree”

  1. Of course the graph is a lie. The IPCC started out with the lies in the “hockey stick” graph. The leftist environmentalists can’t tell the truth about their plans because nobody will buy in. So they manufacture lies to scare people into going along with their schemes that are really intended to move humanity back to the stone age — and considerable loss of life — since it is a given that the real environmental problem is that there are too many people and that the earth would be better off without humans. That’s the bottom line.

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    So the Green Extremists can feel warm and fuzzy by “saving the world from Global Warming” the rest of humanity must be denied cheap and reliable energy from fossil fuel, power black outs, reduced CO2 for growing plants that provide food because they forgot plants need CO2 to grow. In nutshell Green Extremists want all humnity to go back to the Dark Ages so a few elite Green Extremists can live like Kings and Lord it over the rest of humanity preaching to them how great it is to live in stone huts with no heat or light.

  3. What a great way to explain failure of model and theory! You can’t do a proper heat balance and have a theory that explains the lack of warming, so you put the excess in the deep ocean where it can’t be measured. Ain’t (climate) science wonderful!

  4. When you cannot explain where the heat has gone you put it some where you cannot measure it, then you say that is where it is and then say anyone who does not agree with you is the ignorant one. Snake Oil Salesman have more credibility than these charlatans. If you cannot demonstrate by measurement or at least an observable mechanism for the heat transfer you might as well say the extra heat is being stored on the moon.

  5. What’s missing is the mechanism. We need someone to explain the ‘heat pump’ that, without thermodynamic friction, removes heat from the atmosphere and pushes it into the deep ocean.

    Blaming chemtrails seems implausible. Maybe the molecules-thick surface tension of the ocean surface acts like a ‘greenhouse barrier’. With Maxwell’s demons putting the heat on the down-side of the layer, of course.

    Or something like that.

  6. We see a couple of key things again:
    The SPM is inconsistent with the rest of the AR.
    Scaling on a graph can be a form of fraud.
    What’s the divisor? When a big number is divided by a reeaaallllyy biiigggg number, the result can be tiny. Tiny doesn’t prove it to be insignficant, but in this case it is insignificant.

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