Enviro pleads guilty to arson; Set 20 fires causing $40 million in damage across US from 1996-2001

Reuters reports:

A Canadian environmentalist pleaded guilty on Thursday to setting a string of fires across the U.S. West that torched a ski resort and other buildings in what the Justice Department has called the “largest eco-terrorism case” in U.S. history.

Rebecca Rubin, who surrendered to authorities a year ago after a decade on the run, was accused of helping the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front carry out 20 acts of arson across several U.S. states between 1996 and 2001.

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7 thoughts on “Enviro pleads guilty to arson; Set 20 fires causing $40 million in damage across US from 1996-2001”

  1. It is funny, (or sad really) when I was a kid we were taught things, like turn out the lights to save energy. Put trash in garbage cans to keep the planet looking clean. Now you see kids throwing out their wraps in parks and saying, look Papa, I am saving the planet.

    Oh brother.

  2. This is a good example of why “saving the planet” is the most dangerous phrase in any language. There no evil too extreme for them to use in carrying out their Munchausen syndrome fantasy.

  3. See how stupid and arrogant these people are! They really think the Earth will not survive without their nonsensical intervention.
    Pray tell, how will she and her group handle plate tectonics? You know, they’re still moving around.

  4. Plea deal gets her 7.5 year sentence, she’ll be out in half that. Real punishment for a domestic terrorist. The prosecutor needs to find another job more suited to his limited talents.

  5. Oh my, all that burning. Didn’t that put a lot a CO2 in the air? On top of her being convicted of arson, isn’t she guilty of crimes against humanity?

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