White House Climate Change Comments Show Obama’s Ideological Intolerance

Investor’s Business Daily editorializes:

President Obama paints skeptics of global warming as crackpots, while his cabinet threatens the job of anyone who doesn’t toe the same phony orthodoxy. This is emblematic of a political, not a scientific, agenda.

It’s truly sad that a sitting U.S. president would “tweet” something as fatuous as the following: “Gravity Exists. The Earth Is Round. Climate Change Is Happening.” But President Obama did.

This trite catchphrase shows the utter lack of seriousness of his administration — and the impoverished state of its scientific knowledge.

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3 thoughts on “White House Climate Change Comments Show Obama’s Ideological Intolerance”

  1. We knew all this in 2008 — that this is a narcissistic, possibly even a sociopathic individual. He overrates himself and underrates all others. His “knowledge” of science, like his “knowledge” in almost all areas, is either erroneous or he knows he is lying about things, maybe some of both.
    “Climate change” in the broadest sense is always occuring to some degree or another, but the phrase in the tweet is shorthand for “harmful weather events related to human activity, especially production of CO2”. That is not proven by any means. Indeed it is falsified by the data we have so far.

  2. He believes he can stop the seas from rising and stop the climate from changing. If I believed that, I’d also have little patience with mere mortals.

  3. What does one expect from a community organizer. He said he attended college, but only 1 person claims to know anything about him. There are pictures of his extra curricular activities, but nothing about him being in a class.

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