California Central Coast on a 10-year long cooling run

KION News reports:

California is getting warmer. That’s the word from environmentalists who say global warming is having a negative affect on all of us-specifically the multi billion dollar agriculture industry, relying on the perfect climate. From the Pacific Coast to the Central Valley to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the state is saying immediate action is needed to keep it from getting worse.

Drought, wildfires and decreasing snowmelt are all signs our climate is warming here in California and across the globe. The CA Environmental Protection Agency is now monitoring 36 indicators of climate change and a recent report shows California’s skies are trapping too much heat. But meteorologists said the Central Coast isn’t exactly seeing the same rise in temperature.

“In fact here in California on the Central Coast, we’ve actually seen temperatures steady or slightly falling for annual temperatures over the last ten years,” said Logan Johnson, a Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

That’s something local farm bureaus regularly keep an eye on.

“We’ve had a cooler than normal summer along the Central Coast. So we’re looking at really kind of an inverse situation,” said Monterey County Farm Bureau president Norm Groot.

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