Warmist Joe Romm mocks MLK with ‘I have a (climate) dream… to save world from the 1%’

Joe Romm writes at Climate Progress:

King’s dream did survive him, and, some might argue, in the election of Barack Obama, witnessed its apotheosis, though not its completion.

Whereas the civil rights movement was trying to undo a terrible multi-century-long moral wrong, the challenge for climate science activists (the future-generations rights movement?) is that we are trying to prevent a terrible multi-century-long moral wrong. That mission will require even more eloquence, even more commitment.

I have a dream of clean air and clean water for my daughter and all the children of the world. I have a dream of clean energy jobs for millions of Americans and tens of millions of people around the globe. I have a dream we saved this garden of Eden for generations to come, saved it from the greed and myopia of the 1%.

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4 thoughts on “Warmist Joe Romm mocks MLK with ‘I have a (climate) dream… to save world from the 1%’”

  1. EXACTLY. That would be the few top rulers at Greenpeace, et al., along with some decidedly anti-science anti-intellectual politicians, but especially a tiny amount of people in the mainstream media. As commenter “bestruger1022” points out below, we can thank the Occupy people for the basic idea of 1%’ers controlling far more then they are entitled to, which in this case is about having media control over an agenda-driven narrative about man-caused global warming. When they-all lose control of that, the issue collapses.

  2. The first sentence in the last paragraph is well enough. We all want a clean world for ourselves and our posterity.
    The “greed and myopia of the 1%”, however, is what makes widespread affluence possible for the rest of us. The burning desire to save the world from the wealthy has done the poor more harm than anything else I know of for the last hundred or two hundred years.
    The “clean energy” he dreams of is a nightmare for now; okay in niche applications but too costly to lift the billions in poverty to a decent standard of living.
    But we knew Romm was really a watermelon.

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