8 thoughts on “Al Jazeera: Global warming is ‘man-made’ — Skeptics: Global warming is ‘Mann-made’”

  1. Exactly. This Islamic mouthpiece should be shut down and thrown off the airwaves here in the west.
    Haven’t our lax immigration laws caused enough problems?

  2. And the Islamists’ plans for the lefties when they’re done with them are as bad as their plans for the rest of us. Really, why do people like Code Pink believe that their friends the Islamists are going to welcome their friends the homosexuals?

  3. It is a confirmation that AGW is so much fertilizer that Al Jazeera parrots the warmist dogma. Those behind Al Jazeera desire the fall of the US and know that the lefty agenda will lead to it.

  4. Al Jazeera: Global warming is ‘man-made’ Well there you are folks I guess that settles that.

  5. If Al-Jazeera harvest the kind of viewer bonanza that CurrentTV did, they’ll need a comma to report their viewership. But only one.

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