‘Rare Diseases’ Give Jenny McCarthy Life-Time Achievement Award

The Gomer Blog reports:

The master of ceremonies, Pertussis, captured the night when he presented the Andrew Wakefield Lifetime achievement award to actress, TV personality, and armature vaccinologist Jenny McCarthy. “We are facing the brink of extinction and if it wasn’t for this brave woman’s hard work many of us today would be extinct.”

Pertussis went on to say “The ruse of linking vaccinations with autism was genius. Something the best and brightest of us never thought was possible.” Pertussis then went into a three minute coughing spell and finally presented the award.

Ms. McCarthy gave a long incoherent speech consisting of lots of “yeahs” and “likes.” Pertussis interrupted her with a closing of encouragement, “as long as we have people that become well known for their acting abilities and good looks, who promote ‘scientific’ theories and health policies that put a halt to years of dedication and study, we have a shot!”

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One thought on “‘Rare Diseases’ Give Jenny McCarthy Life-Time Achievement Award”

  1. Has anyone thought about the fact that Jenny McCarthy’s son never had autism, but had Landau Kleffner Syndrome? And that the fact within a few months of having a seizure, she jumped on the “autism” bandwagon and hit every talk show and wrote a bunch of books, yet, we have never since heard of her alleged autistic son, because she claims she cured him. IT’s perfectly logical that he has Landau Kleffner SYndrome, and that as soon as he was given the RIGHT seizures meds, he regained his speech, and “recovered”. This is NOT AUTISM. This is a typical Landau Kleffner Syndrome case where the child, due to his seizures from LKS, lost speech and then regained it and was “cured” because he got on the right meds. It’s so sad that McCarthy couldn’t have been an advocate for LKS and instead chose to pretend her child had autism to get into the public arena. Everyone who has a truly autistic child know you don’t cure you child in a few years, unless your child was never really autistic. Isn’t it funny that ever since her big announcement that her son was allegedly “autistic” and then “cured” we’ve never seen her child or really heard anything about how exactly he was diagnosed or “cured.” I mean really, Jenny, if you “cured” your autistic child don’t you think every medical doctor would be interested in studying how you did this and how your child was “cured” from autism. McCarthy had a website that once said her child was an “indigo” child, but then he was “autistic” and then he “cured,” and well…now she’s on to new things and we don’t hear or see her child…very interesting.

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