Ocean-ate-my-warming scam debunked by Reuters

About the Argo ocean monitoring system, Reuters market analyst Gerard Wynn writes:

The world’s oceans have absorbed more than 90 per cent of global warming since the mid-20th century, making accurate measurements of deep ocean temperatures vital to predicting how much global temperatures and sea levels are going to rise.

In 1999, a group of 30 countries launched the Argo programme as the first global, subsurface ocean observing system…

The data so far confirm a warming trend in the oceans over the past century.

Significantly, two recent publications suggest that the deep oceans have warmed particularly quickly in the past decade.

Later, Wynn puts in the caveats:

Argo is a recent dataset and so may not be able to distinguish longer natural cycles of ocean warming. And there are difficulties comparing observations before and after the Argo data because of differences in sampling method, instrument and geographical distribution.

In addition, there were initial problems with reliability of the Argo data, which meant accurate conclusions could only be drawn from 2005, and some instrument errors may remain undetected.

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9 thoughts on “Ocean-ate-my-warming scam debunked by Reuters”

  1. Yep Billy I have made that argument for a long time… Here on solid ground we have seen over the last several decades a Major uptick in long dormant volcanoes coming to life along with a Magnetic Pole that has went from about 6 miles of movement per year to today 40 + miles per year and it’s still speeding up… And during that period the magnetic field of the planet has dropped massively all indicating a Change in the earth Core/Mantle activity… So it would be expected to see the same uptick in deep ocean volcanoes and Smokers and those smokers send out super heated water at around 400 to 600deg f and underwater Volcanoes can outflow molten rock at 1,500 deg… Each circulating cold deep ocean water through the heating system in the Trillions of gals per year…. This give a Mechanism to explain why deep water at 00 to 2000 meters is still warming while surface temps have done just as the atmosphere and not warmed for over a decade… NASA and the IPCC Claim that heating is caused by Green House Effect and some unknown mechanism sequesters the green house warming in the deep ocean … but not the surface down to 700 feet….

  2. Yes, this is easy, Michael Mann’s hockeystick blade is now pointed down into the ocean depths and the heat follows the blade down. This is true science and 75% of all scientists agree with this.

  3. Would someone please explain to me how heat transits the top 700m of the ocean without warming it and goes to deeper than 700 m to warm the depths?

  4. No atmospheric warming. Stabilized temperture and OHC at 0-700 M in the ocean. No warming >2000 M. Just increased OHC at 700-2000 M. I haven’t heard a good explanation of how this happens. I think the comment about needing another decade or so of data is quite right. It sounds like reports of increased OHC at a specific depth range are a decade or so premature.

  5. They need to do a “re-analysis study” to try to come up with reasons why their scientific tests don’t come up with the answers they wanted.
    Actual science keeps getting in the way of the “consensus”.

  6. Suggest the Argo folks consider the thousands deep trench vocanic flutes in their measurements. Unless I am mistaken (and that is rare) those produce effluent discharges that are Pretty Darn Hot. Since they depend on acronymns it could be the PDH effect on Argo.

  7. So when it looked like Argo might show warming, it was great — it even covered “decades” in only about thirteen years — but now that it may not really show warming, it’s a lot less reliable. Okay.

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