New warmist nightmare: Earthquakes causing methane leaks

Climate News Network reports:

And here’s another shuddering twist to the horror story that is climate change: even earthquakes may play a role. Large quantities of methane may have escaped during a violent earthquake that shook the floor of the Arabian Sea in 1945, according to German and Swiss researchers.

David Fischer of the University of Bremen and colleagues from the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven and the ETH in Zurich explored the region in a research ship in 2007, and began to examine cores of sediment from the seabed.

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5 thoughts on “New warmist nightmare: Earthquakes causing methane leaks”

  1. Algore is working on a powerpoint show as we speak, demonizing “Big Magma” and setting up a new Trade Exchange for lava credits. He invented hydrothermal power generation, you know.

  2. Agreed. When you burn the methane, you can heat your home or generate electricity while simultaneously producing CO2 and H2O, both of which sustain life on Earth. Sounds like a win/win to me!

  3. I’m sure earthquakes release some methane. Methane is a normal component of the atmosphere. As a climate forcer, it’s more powerful than CO2 and less than water vapor. All the evidence seems to say that leaking methane is a trivial element in climate, like human CO2.
    As we’ve said before, though, maybe it’s a good precaution to capture that leaking CH4 and convert it to CO2 and H20. Might as well put it under a boiler and make electricity while you’re doing it.

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