‘Drunken’ weather can’t yet be blamed on global warming

The Las Cruces Sun-news reports:

The heat wave that has built across the eastern U.S. – roasting cities from Memphis to Washington to Boston in a stifling blanket of heat and humidity – has had one strange characteristic that meteorologists cannot yet explain in a long-term climate context. Rather than moving west to east, as typical weather patterns do in the Northern Hemisphere, weather systems across the country have moved in the opposite direction, like a drunken driver on a dark stretch of highway, drifting from east to west during the past two weeks…

Jon Gottschalck acting chief of the Operational Prediction Branch at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, told Climate Central in an email that it’s not yet clear exactly how unusual the recent weather pattern has been, or what has been driving it. “Yes, the evolution you describe of the upper-level low and high pressure ridge moving east to west is definitely unusual. But it is not easy to quantify really how unusual,” he said.

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3 thoughts on “‘Drunken’ weather can’t yet be blamed on global warming”

  1. Isn’t it amazing that “global warming” only occurs in localized areas of countries?

  2. We tend to hear about a heat wave around once per summer. In the 70’s it was just a normal heat wave – now they have been redefined as proof of global warming – young kids in school must thin heat waves never happened before the late 90’s

  3. The heat wave this year is similar to the heat waves I’ve heard reported all my life, including the ones in the early 70s that were no proof an Ice Age wasn’t coming.

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