Minneapolis weatherman blames Minnesota heat wave on global warming

Paul Douglas begins his post on the Minnesota heatwave with this Kevin Trenberth quote:

“…Some of the human-induced changes are occurring 100 times faster than they occur in nature,” Trenberth says. “And this is one of the things that worries me more than climate change itself. It’s actually the rate of change that’s most worrying…” – NCAR climate scientist Kevin Trenberth in a recent NPR article; details below.

Douglas then goes on to note:

Here comes a record-setting late-season heat wave; afternoon highs may reach 95-100F. According to the local National Weather Service this may well be the hottest Minnesota State Fair since 1948, when we endured 4 days hotter than 94F at the State Fair.

So why was it so hot in 1948 — about 100 ppm CO2 ago?

13 thoughts on “Minneapolis weatherman blames Minnesota heat wave on global warming”

  1. A lot of stations like to report as extreme reports as possible. I have noticed a lot reporting the “feels like” temperature as though it were the real temp without saying as much.

    I would say with the humidity and little wind on an 86 degree day could “feel like” 95

  2. You know not of Minnesota, it is really hot in summer. You would be surprised. In fact if it were cold there, the corn wouldn’t grow.

  3. Phooey. I just checked Accuweather’s calendar, and the last three days have been highs of 86 degrees. Last week, the high for the whole week only got up to 82 on Saturday and Sunday. Considering the average temps are 80 degrees, this isn’t exactly earth shattering. As to where I am, it’s about 60 miles east of Mpls/St. Paul. You could probably add a couple of degrees to a metro area, but none of this is overboard. August is supposed to be hot.

  4. We’ve been through all this crap in Australia for the last 3 years. Our Socialist government wanted to get a nation-wide carbon tax through so every time we had a hot day or dry spell it was all the fault of climate change.

  5. What does Austin have to do with it? Of course its way too hot in Austin. Minnesota isn’t supposed to be that way.

  6. And in 1948 there were four days over 94 degrees. We have had TWO WEEKS of impossible heat here in Minneapolis. I don’t think you have debunked anything here. I don’t know where Harry Krenz has been, but its not been in the mid 80’s for the high here in Minnesota. And what does Austin, one of the hottest places on Earth have to do with it? Absurd heat in Austin is normal. If I wanted to be someplace where I couldn’t step outside for weeks in the summer I would live in Austin. But its frightening to see it here. We aren’t used to being stuck indoors because of dangerous heat.

  7. Its 93 degrees in Minneapolis right now. For Minneapolis it is unheard of. Say what you like, I have lived in Minnesota for over 20 years and never seen an August this hot. Minnneapolis isn’t suypposed to be as hot as Houston.

  8. Warm days in August – unheard of. I remember as a youth the vast snow drifts in Houston in August 😛

    These guys are nuts. Normal August heat waves are now AGW

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