Climate hard line costs IPA support

Kudos to the IPA. Shame on funders that deserted.

WA Today reports:

Some of the world’s largest companies have dropped financial support and membership of free-market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs amid concern at its vociferous campaign against action on climate change.

Petroleum giants ExxonMobil and Shell and large miners are among the multinationals that have confirmed leaving the Liberal-linked IPA, led by party member John Roskam, who this year was compared to Jesus Christ with his disciples by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

One thought on “Climate hard line costs IPA support”

  1. Finally, a few of the companies are finally realizing they have been financing their enemies. Now if only they would withdraw from financing academia and fight back against government anti-trust actions, we just might get somewhere.

    In the real world, is not a crime to be successful and productive. In fact it is a virtue and a morally right thing to do. Unfortunately, it is a crime in today’s political world. The victims have assumed they were guilty of something and have paid huge amounts in extortion in hopes of buying off the protection racket thugs in government and various NGO’s. It hasn’t worked and never will work. The only way to stop the thugs is to starve them out of business by no longer feeding them.

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