4 thoughts on “Denmark paper: ‘Globe May Be On Path To Little Ice Age… Much Colder Winters… Dramatic Consequences’”

  1. MT: There are two three word phrases these people must never under any circumstances utter. 1. “We don’t know” and 2. “We were wrong.”

  2. ““Defying all predictions, the globe may be on the road towards a new little ice age with much colder winters.” No, there have been some credible predictions of a cold period for forty years at least and there has been credible debunking of global warming since Hansen’s infamous speech proclaiming the apocalypse was upon us.
    As I’ve been skeptical of the warmists, I remain skeptical of coolists as well. No models have ever held up well over time, although perhaps one will soon.
    Joe Bastardi has an excellent record for forecasting general trends out a year or maybe less. That seems to be the limit of skill in weather modeling. When you have models predicting higher, lower or stable temps over X years, some will match the observations regardless of their methodology.

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