Study: Chemicals in electronic cigarettes pose minimal health risk

Drexel University reports:

By reviewing over 9,000 observations about the chemistry of the vapor and the liquid in e-cigarettes, Dr. Burstyn was able to determine that the levels of contaminants e-cigarette users are exposed to are insignificant, far below levels that would pose any health risk. Additionally, there is no health risk to bystanders. Proposals to ban e-cigarettes in places where smoking is banned have been based on concern there is a potential risk to bystanders, but the study shows there is no concern.

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3 thoughts on “Study: Chemicals in electronic cigarettes pose minimal health risk”

  1. The many studies out of Sweden on snus show there is no connection to nicotine and cancer. It’s the smoke and the products of combustion that cause health issues. Nicotine has essentially very similar effects to caffeine, another mild stimulant that can create dependency.

  2. Being on the payment gateway support side of the e-cigarette business I must say I am not surprised by this article. Many of my clients are ex-smokers that got into marketing electronic cigarettes online because they themselves had done serious research and used e-cigs to quit smoking. Only after doing the hard work themselves did they begin marketing to others. In general the e-cig community seems pretty honest and sincere to me.
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  3. I have to think that nicotine habits are less than desirable. I also have to think that adults should decide for themselves. The e-cig at least keeps itself to itself and I don’t think nicotine is a carcinogen, is it?

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