Claim: Free medical care reduces blood pressure

The AP reports:

New research suggests giving patients easier-to-take medicine and no-copay medical visits can help drive down high blood pressure, a major contributor to poor health and untimely deaths nationwide.

Fortunately, we need not spend time debunking this — the author does it himself:

Dr. Marc Jaffe, the lead author and leader of a Kaiser heart disease risk reduction program, said it’s impossible to know if the blood pressure program can be credited for those declines, but he thinks it at least contributed.

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5 thoughts on “Claim: Free medical care reduces blood pressure”

  1. When healthcare is free, there will be no healthcare. Hospitals will close; doctors/nurses will quit. We are getting that with it just becoming “Affordable” (Obamacare).

  2. My blood pressure goes up when I am taxed for everything I do and everything I purchase—knowing that the taxes will be wasted by the government for studies like this.

  3. Blood pressure also goes down when one is dead – which, is an outcome more likely to happen when healthcare is “free,” judging from the UK example.

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